Founder/Owner of Frank R Stewart,LLC., whose mission is to:

Teach the proven principles of success in life, to be of service to all who want to develop into the best version of themselves.

Provide hope and encouragement, while sharing how to align goals into a daily action plan of achievement.

Frank R Stewart


Frank has a 30 year sales career working with over 20,000 families helping them fulfill their dreams of family vacation plans.

He's produced over $60 million in business with an average transaction of $15,000 which means he has closed over 4,000 sales, one handshake at a time. Frank has a complete mastery of the successful sales process.

Frank has won multiple awards as a Salesperson, Sales Manager, and Project Director representing the great American companies, Marriott and Wyndham, vacation ownership organizations. Timeshare sales is a one call close of an intangible product marketed to people who are bribed with a gift in order to get their attention. This process is generally considered to be the most difficult type of sales, requiring superior sales skills and mental self discipline, as even with a career close at 20%, it still means that 80% said "not today".

My favorite principle is the one I have learned the hard way, by making mistakes and committing errors. It is principle 13-Learning from defeat and overcoming adversity. We all have personal trials with which we cause setbacks to ourselves, and valleys of life to grow out of, but it is in those valleys where we become humbled, then we begin to understand just how powerful our thoughts are, how to understand our dominant emotions, how to channel them back into a driving force which can propel us into our destiny. It Is in these valleys where we develop the mental strength and inner determination to rebuild our selves stronger. Stronger, more focused on who we want to become which is why I am in the transformation business, I get it, I understand, I have been at the top, and at the bottom, several times, have made mistakes, more often than I have won. That is why I win more now today at age 57, I have learned a thing or two, have earned the respect of those who know me, worked with me, and can share with you some things which will help you avoid some mistakes. I am a mentor for top producers and those who want to be a top producer, so as Zig always said, “I’ll see you at the top”!! as a Ziglar legacy certified trainer I know how to get you there, because "I’ve been there and back."

Today you have an opportunity to become a member of Frank's Positive Thought Alliance, and learn the secrets of success taught by a man who cares about you, and who will not leave you in the messy middle of your life transformation.

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