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"Frank, Amazing and well done! My heart beats with gratitude, love, and pride when I see you in action. Thank you for carrying on the legacy and making a difference in the lives of others.  Blessings to you. Choose To Win!"

Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc.

Leaders In Training
Develop Excellence In Yourself and Others

Maximizing your leadership abilities and management skills with Top Performance, you will learn and understand how to:

Direct people’s energies and stimulate their desire to excel

Manage people more effectively – and get others to want your leadership

Overcome and correct poor management practices

Use the performance formula to positively impact employee productivity

Establish standards and benchmarks for evaluating performance

Improve relationships that strengthen and foster effective communication


Robin Markus - PTA Testimonial

"The ROAR or Snore Seminar was wonderful!
It actually brought back some delightful memories.
The information and the manner in which it was shared was top notch. "
Jan 2020; Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach Attendee

Robin Coe - PTA Testimonial

Echo Karras - PTA Testimonial

Scott Skare - PTA Testimonial

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