Performance Accelerator Guide

Goal Setting & Achievement Planning

What's Inside:

  • Overcoming Adversity & the benefits of growing from a setback or a loss.
  • Success Programming of the sub-conscious mind, by installing the winning habits.
  • Self -Discipline: feel the magic within you grow, as you apply self-discipline.
  • Self Confidence Formula: the 5 steps to daily rituals which produce results.

Plus So Much More!

39 Pages Packed With Content!


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Inside You'll Learn the...

Sweet 6 Principles of Success from Think & Grow Rich

Applied Faith

Going the Extra Mile

Create An Alliance

Embedding this vision of your new self into your subconscious mind

of Purpose

Positive Mental Attitude 
All day in every way

Founder of the Positive Thought Alliance and Think & Grow Rich certified instructor of the 17 principles in the science of success. Zig Ziglar certified speaker. 
"Frank, Amazing and well done! My heart beats with gratitude, love, and pride when I see you in action. Thank you for carrying on the legacy and making a difference in the lives of others.  Blessings to you. Choose To Win!"

Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc.

Frank R Stewart

Frank has earned the Napoleon Hill Foundation certification in the Positive Mental Attitude of the Science of Success and the landmark 17 Principles of Think and Grow Rich. Sharing his signature message on Overcoming adversity & prospering through defeat with the habitude of gratitude and visualization of success.

Frank has won multiple awards as a Salesperson, Sales Manager, and Project Director representing the great American companies, Marriott and Wyndham, vacation ownership organizations. Timeshare sales is a one call close of an intangible product marketed to people who are bribed with a gift in order to get their attention.

This process is generally considered to be the most difficult type of sales, requiring superior sales skills and mental self discipline, as even with a career close at 20%, it still means that 80% said "not today".

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